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RoseBudz Farms proudly handcrafts artisanal home goods from hemp cultivated on our farm in Alvarado, Texas.

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    CBG Herbal Tea 50mg

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    Take a moment for self-care with CBD made from

    Home-Grown Hand-Crafted Hemp

    We know the meaning of hard work. We pour it into everything we do, we see it every day amongst our community, and we hear it in the stories from our customers. We’ve created hemp-derived CBD products to provide a source of relaxation and relief for the hardworking people of our community. Hemp-derived CBD has been utilized for centuries to support the endocannabinoid system and provide calm and relaxation. We are thrilled to carry on that tradition with our homegrown, organically cultivated hemp. Invest in your self-care in the comfort of your home with RoseBudz Farm artisanal CBD and CBG products.

    Unwind. Relax. Treat Yourself.

    Your next spa night starts with CBD.
    When you’re overworked, you can’t perform at your best. Treat yourself to a self-care spa night, complete with RoseBudz hemp CBD bath bombs, CBD-infused gummies, herbal and fruit-filled CBG tea, and CBD pre-rolls. Self-care starts with CBD.

    Environmentally Conscious From the Ground Up

    RoseBudz Farm conducts business with environmentalism in mind. Scientists have warned us for decades about the risks of global warming and the negative implications it will have on our survival. As business owners, we can’t ignore that every choice we make for our business impacts the environment and our lives. To minimize our environmental impact, we take an eco-friendly approach to everything we do. From our pesticide-free farming methods to eco-friendly biodegradable tea bags, we are committed to making our impact on the world a positive one. Read more about our initiatives and the ways we strive for sustainability.

    Small Batch Vegan-friendly Non-GMO Solventless 100% Plant-based No artificial preservatives* Small Batch Vegan-friendly Non-GMO Solventless 100% Plant-based No artificial preservatives* Small Batch Vegan-friendly Non-GMO Solventless 100% Plant-based No artificial preservatives*

    Try our Delicious CBG-Infused Teas

    Looking for a sweet treat that does the body good? Try one of our herbal or fruity CBG-infused teas to boost your productivity in the morning. Why do we take CBG in the morning? CBG, or Cannabigerol, is a cannabinoid that is similar to CBD, however instead of producing a sleepy, relaxed sensation, anecdotal reports suggest that those who consume CBG feel a boost of energy, motivation, or clarity. CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, so you won’t feel high. It’s a great way to start every day. Try our CBG teas to see the effects for yourself.

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