About RoseBudz

Founded in Alvarado, Texas, RoseBudz Farm was once just a dream for Founder Jasmine Peoples.

A born and raised Texan, Jasmine grew up in the days of D.A.R.E, but she couldn’t ignore the promising research findings on CBD and THC. When she experienced her own positive wellness outcomes from utilizing cannabis and hemp plants, she knew she had found a new passion that would blossom into more. Pulling inspiration from her favorite cannabis and hemp brands, she decided it was time to take her dreams to cultivate hemp and produce CBD-infused products to the next level. She founded RoseBudz Farm in February of 2020, just as the pandemic was making headlines. Since then, RoseBudz Farm has flourished. The full line of CBD and CBG products have been hand-crafted from the hemp grown on RoseBudz farm.

RoseBudz Farm has made a commitment to conduct business with environmentalism at the forefront. We understand that global warming has real life implications for all of us and our survival. We make every business decision considering the impacts on the environment and our lives. From our pesticide-free farming methods to eco-friendly biodegradable tea bags, we are committed to making our impact on the world a positive one.

Our Values:

We care about your wellness

RoseBudz Farm was founded out of our personal successes from utilizing hemp for wellness. We want to share the benefits of hemp-based cannabinoids with the people we care about. Our products are inspired by the people and world around us. We handcraft beautiful, high-quality goods designed especially with your wellness in mind.

We care about the environment

We know global warming won’t go away if we continue to ignore that our actions impact the environment around us. We make a conscious effort to source eco-friendly materials and packaging that won’t cause additional harm to the environment. We utilize ingredients that are natural and we don’t use artificial ingredients or preservatives. See the difference for yourself.

We care about our community

We see how hard the people of our community work to support their families and create a safe place to raise their children. We strive to provide the best quality CBD and CBG products to support the wellbeing of our community members.

What our products are made of:

  • Small Batch.

  • Gluten-free.

  • Vegan-friendly.

  • Non-GMO.

  • Solventless.

  • 100% Plant-based.

  • No artificial preservatives*.

Small Batch

Our products are made in small quantities by hand from our hemp harvest with love and care.


As many Americans struggle with intolerance to gluten, we want to ensure we provide top-quality products that those with intolerances, and those without, can consume without fear of adverse reactions. Our products are formulated with ingredients free of gluten.


We abstain from utilizing animal-based ingredients in our products. Limiting harm to our animal friends makes us feel good about our products.


Genetically modified organisms have been lab-engineered to achieve specific desired physiological traits. This unnatural process has been the topic of debate for years, as scientists and corporate interests tied to GMOs disagree on the negative impacts GMOs have on our ability to absorb nutrients. Many feel GMOs are the cause of the rise in food intolerances. At RoseBudz Farm, we believe that plants and herbal remedies should be natural and not modified in a lab. It’s why we will choose non-gmo options every single time.


When companies extract cannabinoids like CBD and CBG from hemp, many choose to utilize solvents (like butane, propane, alcohol, carbon dioxide, etc.) which if done incorrectly can end up in the final product. We choose to use extraction methods that are free of solvents to ensure the most pure and clean final product free of solvents.

100% Plant-based

Our products’ ingredients do not include artificial ingredients or animal by-products.

No artificial preservatives

We cultivate hemp for wellness. We carry our passion for wellness through all methods and ingredients we use to make our quality products, which is why we refrain from using artificial preservatives. We utilize the organic ingredient citric acid, which helps to maintain the freshness of our products without using harmful artificial preservatives.

With ingredients this good,
you’ll want more!

When you find something you really love, you keep coming back. You can save time and money by utilizing the RoseBudz subscription service! When you add your product to the cart, be sure to click on subscribe and choose your frequency (30, 60, or 90 days). Now, you can truly sit back and relax, knowing your product is coming your way without lifting another finger.

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*We utilize the organic ingredient citric acid, which helps to maintain the freshness of our products without using harmful artificial preservatives.

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